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Airdream is an app that increases airline profits via optimizing passenger place-exchange in long flights. 





Phase 1 - Multiseat-Bed app. Just software increasing revenue. 

By regrouping passengers to be seated side by side,  empty seats can be used by one passenger as a multi-seat bed. The airline earns an extra revenue stream in the form of ancillary revenue. Passengers are eager to pay for comfort, proof of that is the high price of Business Class. With this simple change, airlines break even at lower load factors, and earn an important extra profit in a tight margin industry.

Phase 3 - Airdream's Place-Change-System (PCS)

Magic in Simplicity. When the airline already sees the huge value Airdream has added without touching the interior, it is time to give it a try and offer one bunk bed, and see how it sells. Odds are that in long flights they will sell at very high prices. So it will be time to add more bunk beds. Airdream runs the place-time-sharing market onboard. Allowing these transactions between passengers, extra profit is obtained without wasting very expensive cabin space. Thus Airdream extracts maximum value for the airline.  Simple. Revolutionary.

Phase 4 - The New Era of using aircraft cabins.

Airlines that implement the full Airdream's System will not only potentially boost their profits per flight by as much as 300 USD / passenger, but will see increased load factors, simply because passengers will prefer it over the alternatives. A value proposition that is unbeatable. Also, four major reasons compound to make the industry blossom: 1) New airline profitability equation adds float and makes many routes consistently viable. 2) Latent elder customers will start flying because they can afford healthwise 3) Global multipolar economy blossomming 4) Global relationships and families. 

Options for passengers - the flip side of a profit super-boost.

With our unique cabin management business model passengers change places during very long flights, dramatically increasing their comfort level... from being seated without alternative to easily change place to lay down, stand up, or even go exercising!

Options of postures for passengers to choose.

With Airdream airlines can provide affordable comfort at a superior rate of value per unit of volume.  The most profitable modules are sleeping modules during very long flights as passengers perceive great value in stretching out when they need it most. Using a near 1:1 range of substitution of Economy seats, profits for airlines are boosted.

Phase 2 - Time share Business Class seats. Or any passenger-ready part of the plane...

We empower airlines to use their full potential to innovate in interiors, with unimaginable and limitless options of comfort and price levels. Imagine just having a few fitness modules that are alternately used by passengers, an aromatherapy module, a lounge, a table for playing cards.. All accessible to all passengers. The airline's designs can adapt seamlessly to existing system interphases with a fast return on investment for airlines and no additional maintenance stops.

Airdream Blog

blog-3.jpgOur specialized blog is a click away, dedicated mostly to air travel comfort and health, as well as covering news and trends. We want to see where the opportunities and challenges reside, towards making Airdream's concept the industry standard for long haul travel. More

American Airlines Col. Stan Sanders III on Airdream  - WATCH IT!


Col. Stan Sanders flew 32 years for American Airlines (6 years on 777 Miami-SãoPaulo). Watch him tell you his opinion on Airdream. Click Here

Video Gallery

Video.pngHere in the gallery we include a multitude of interesting stories, documentaries, etc. which we think are illustrative of an incredibly exciting industry. From the Fairey Rotodyne to the Concorde to bunk-bed sleeping onboard the Constellation.  More


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